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I have always loved writing poetry, but it became really important to me when I was in high school. My mother passed when I was fifteen and I became an angry teenager. I did not even know how to pray anymore, so I began to write. Poetry became my way of communication, my way of processing, and my way to pray.

I am originally from Youngstown, OH and I moved to Columbus, OH to go to college. I found an open mic, I decided to get on stage, and I haven't left the stage since. I competed for years in poetry slam and was incredibly blessed. I competed in nine National and World Poetry slams, including five individual competitions and four national poetry slam teams. In 2008, we were named the Rustbelt Regional Poetry Slam Champions! I placed 8th out of 96 poets in the 2017 Women of the World Poetry Slam and I am a two-time Rustbelt Indy Finalist. I have also been commissioned by over 15 organizations.

In 2010, my first poetry collection was published on Penmanship Books when I was awarded the Cora Craig Award for Young Authors. Since that time, I have also written two chapbooks, both released in 2017. My most recent collection of poetry, Mouths of Garden, was released on Sundress Publications in 2022.

My art is and has always been ministry for me. I believe that God saved my life through art, and all I want to do is tour the world helping others by using my gift. I know that art has the power to heal. It saved my life and I want to live a life poured out, serving God, and using this gift to save others.

Currently, I am working with two organizations rooted in prison abolition: the Arts for Healing and Justice Network in Los Angeles and JustMedia in New York City.

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