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One of my favorite parts about writing is being able to share my voice and my words on stage with others! I would love to come and share some original work at your event, church, or open mic space! I believe in the power of testimony and I would love to come share my testimony with you through my own personal poetry. I can come and do one poem or can share a full set. Can’t wait to be on stage at your next event!


Ready to build up anticipation for your event? Or provide inspiration during an event? I can write and record original material to lay over a video of your images or words to promote your event! If you would like to write the content yourself, I would be happy to record that too! These video can be played leading up to your event, during your event, or even after your event as a “thank you” or as follow-up to your donors or attendees! These videos provide short, snippet inspirational and professional aspects to your event! They provide information that is bite-size and palatable, but just enough to empower and impact your audience! (Note: I do not create the actual video, but can provide the audio portion for your own unique video.)

  • Writing and/or Performing Live: I would love to take the mission of your organization and turn it into an inspiring and empowering poetic expression! You can commission me to write a unique poem that encompasses your entire mission statement or just the theme of the year for your annual gala, conference, or special event! I would be so happy to attend and perform it live! 

  • Writing and/or Recording: I could also record an audio version for you to play or a recorded video for you to run during the event! Adding a unique visual and audio component to your event can add a spark of surprise for your audience and help build anticipation for the rest of the event! This is also a poem that you can use once your event is over to send to all those who attended your special day as gratitude for their presence. This service has proven to be beneficial for nonprofits, corporate partners, and small businesses! Let’s partner together to make your event as powerful and as impactful as possible!


Whether you are trying to write your first poem or you are a seasoned, poet, I can help take you through exercise that will help your grow and develop your writing and performance! Whether it’s an elementary school, a community center, college or university, a group preparing for an open mic, a church group, or an adult group, I can help you find your voice, dive deeper into your passion as a writer, or help you become more confident on stage. Whether this is a one-time session, a weeklong project, or a monthly series, together we can work together to accomplish that goal! All workshops can either be an hour, two hours, three hours, or whatever timeframe you need, designed and uniquely built for you! You will leave inspired and ready to grow in your passion and purpose!

  • Beginning to Bloom:
    This workshop is geared towards new writers, trying to write their first poem or accomplishing a new goal in their writing. I can help guide your through a series of exercises introducing you to poetry, discovering your own unique definition of poetry, and creating a new piece. You will leave inspired and having created new poems!

  • Inner Voice Bloom:
    This workshop is geared towards more seasoned poets who are trying to dive deeper into their writing. Together, we will take more of a deep dive into writing and accomplishing your specific goals. Whether it is writing out of trauma, writing through grief, or discovering your inner voice, we will utilize exercises designed to accomplish your specific goals. You will leave having written, shared, and feeling more accomplished in your writing and your own unique voice.

  • Bloom on Stage:
    This workshop is geared towards individuals who would like to become more confident in their presence on stage. We will go through a series of exercises that will help you become more confident in performing your own writing on a microphone on stage. You will leave feeling more confident in your writing, more comfortable with your body on stage, and ready to make your writing come to life before a live audience!


Need someone to keep the energy high at your event, to inspire your audience, and to keep the show moving forward? I would love to come and host your event for you! I love interacting with people on stage! I can keep the flow of your event going, maintain a high level of energy, and make sure that your audience feels comfortable and has a great time! 

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